Sunday, November 16, 2008

Summer on its way

Well its been another good week of warm weather, warm water and some really fun fishing. Earlier in the week we were lucky enough to do some shallow water vertical jigging with a couple of Japanese anglers that field test much of the Yamashita range of rods, lures and accessories. I think you can see the range at We chose to fish the reefs off northern Sydney concentrating on water only 50ft - 150ft becasue its shallower than what most people jig, and thought it would make a good inclusion into a future fishing DVD This made for an interesting couple of days fishing with alot to learn. Most notable was the amount of species you can catch on 80-120gram jigs in fairly shallow waters. Unfortunately we didnt get any big fish but there were plenty of small kings, solid silver trevally other reefies we even got some xos squid on the metal jigs.

Over the weekend there was some crabbing action with good results of big male blue swimmers from the harbour. And some good flatty plastic fishing was also on the cards. Some nice 60cm flathead found their way to our net and a monster was hooked but the hooks pulled!! Interstingly they were all caught in deepwater. I thought the warm weather and bit of rain would have brought them up onto the flats but i couldn't find any in the shallows. Not sure if anyone else is having the same results??

Anyway the water is really starting to warm and over the next month it will be really hit and miss, the bonus is however i think there will start to be some really interesting captures with tropical species making their appearance on the front of the warm east Aussie current.

See You on the water.
Dan & Dan

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How true these words have turned out to be!