Friday, December 05, 2008

Christmas Chaos

I have started December with a cracking little session. I'll walk you through it and it might inspire you to have your own weekend adventure. 3 of trundled up to the Northern Beaches of Sydney with kayaks on the roof a sleeping bag each a light spin rod and tents to boot. The plan was to kayak over to the basin and camp out for the night, for those of you who dont know it its agreat little camping spot that you can only access by water. It has a small protected bay area that is idealic. To make the trip a little bit more fun we didn't take any food, just some foil to cook our catch in. Nothing like some hunger to spur on your fishing!! Actually the motivation was more about getting healthy and slim as well as a bit of friendly fishing competition. No need to do a blow by blow description but we manged a bunch of edible fish, bream, flathead, tailor and flounder. Foil, salt & lemon...oh yes drool material when you have not eaten all day and your arms are doing there best impression of sausages made from jelly! Obviously i have not been doing enough surfing.
Anyway back to the fish, all were caught on plastics or poppers. Standout performers where the new biodegradable soft bait from Fishbites - the shrimp pattern. The best thing about these new plastics are how well they last, one plastic caught several flathead a bream and a flounder and was still fishable...not bad eh!
Standout poppers where a megabass dogx jnr. (my allround favourite) and a new little daiwa called a lazy gekkabijin (i think)...affectionately now named the 'Lazy Ghekko'. I did notice that the ghekko which is much smaller and clear worked better when the condition where calm, once it got windier the bigger popper was better. A valuable lesson for the upcoming summer popper sessions.
Might see this in our next fishing DVD
Sorry about the lack of photos, keep your eyes on Modern Fishing and you may see the photos. Also if anyone is looking for a great chrissy prezzie check out the subscription deal, you get a free fishing reel! Also on the new issue is a free fishing DVD we produced with some footage from our latest snapper fishing DVD "In search of Old Man Snapper" and some other footage never seen before of popper crunching tropicals.
My red hot tip....get the hell out of the city your in and go camping and fishing!!
See ya
Dan B

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Renee said...

Can't wait for your next fishing DVD! I REALLY love watching you guys.........Never a dull moment!